About Me

Hi 👋 I am Parham 😊

A senior software engineer with 15 years of experience in building simple to enterprise level mobile and web applications.

As a specialist in front-end development, user interface and user experience design I have helped deliver many sleek, user friendly UI/UX solutions during my career.

â€ĻI like to experiment with new front-end technologies and I share what I learn through technical meetups and content writing.

Even though I specialise in front-end development, I have always been involved in full-stack development and software architecture design.

I have a natural talent for converting complex business workflows into easy to use and intuitive user experiences. I am particularly passionate about web app performance, responsive design, and accessibility.

In my current role I lead teams to build mobile and web applications utilising best choice of technology and solutions. â€ĻI enjoy mentoring junior developers and helping teams to overcome technical challenges.